met Reb for lunch the other day when i brought the tot to see PD for his cough, and i was telling her about how i am going nuts trying to deal with the tot’s “screaming fits” lately, and him insisting on things (usually he’ll listen after being explained to), we’re not sure if he’s into the ‘tantrum phase’ now, hence the screaming or that he picked up from somewhere or it could just be because he’s not feeling well…

then i shared with Reb that i felt so lost & frustrated having to deal with this now, & trying hard to accept that now i’ve got a screaming tot who, so far has been so sweet-natured, calm & cool (i told D briefly too & her immediate response was, “huh, asher screams? i can’t imagine it”)

Reb said, “eh i told WX if next time our kid breaks the law, all we can do is just pray”

and i started to have parental fears, now i’ve to deal with unexpected tantrums, what if i’ve to deal with a teenager who plays truant, shoplifts or an adult son who’s into gambling, or whatever undesirable lifestyle he might choose??!!

Reb said, “huh, Rach, just pray, just pray hard”

that sounds so easy, but i’m sure its tough if things happen, but yes, pray hard, pray continuously for our kids definitely we shall