i had a great brekkie at coffee bean after check-in, & a cup of hot choc, opened the lid, thought it was foam at the top, only to discover it was tiny marshies, i was soooo happy!

this is me, having fun taking self-portrait with a full-length mirror in the hotel room! heading out to kuta for 1st day adventure, with shopping & spa
 railway restaurant!! how neat?!! i was a lil’ disappointed that the restaurant is not in the railway itself, but its still cool!
to have the magnificient yet gentle beast so up close & personal, it was awesome! but i felt sad when i caught a gaze into the weary eyes 😦
i did a 2hr spa which include a traditional balinese body massage, body scrub using balinese boreh scrub, milk smeared all over my body,while i was trying hard not to shiver & chatter too much from the chilling treatment and the 1st time i had a pebble-shower!! i stood on pebbles to shower! i didn’t expect a foot reflexology at shower after the chilling scrub & milk, it was painful to stand & i had challenges moving around while showering, don’t even mention trying not to imagine what else-es i might be stepping on besides the pebbles (underneath & in between) @~@
1st time i stayed out while overseas for soo late, started to head back to hotel at about 130am, it coincided with halloween, so people were all dressed up in costumes & gory make-up, crazy partying away, it was my 1st closest encounter with the late night clubbing scene
and finally, i had a fright of the night, travel mate & i trying to trace back to this spa salon out of the zillions we saw, but as the cabby took us through many similar lanes with many similar shops which all sells almost similar things, we got more & more lost, and then suddenly the cabby took a sudden swerve & wanted to turn into this dark, lonely alley & recommended us this really good spa & kept insisting in turning in & kept insisting we try this really good spa, i freaked out a lil’, profusely saying nooooo-nooo, mate was conversing with him with bahasa & trying to translate to me at the same time, the cabby raised his voice, using a forceful tone, kept repeating the same thing (in bahasa) while slowly inching, inching his way into the dark alley & all i kept chanting was nooo-nooo-noooo…he didn’t swerve in, otherwise i might not be writing this post now…he kept assuring us later on that he’s a good man, don’t worry, repeatedly & i remembered the movie i watched “Knight & Day” starring cameron diaz & tom cruise, where cruise acted as some secret agent & diaz got somehow involved in that mission, cruise warned diaz that if people kept assuring her of her safety, that’s she’s gonna be safe, that they’re good people, the more they say that, the more she should get away from them, i felt exactly like that, but thank God nothing happened, what an encounter!