the tot likes to hang around in the kitchen with me when i do chores or cook, he’ll come in with his cars zooming about, or take out the containers, bowls, plates, etc from the drawers & display them, but lately i don’t see him hanging around me much & at times, he’s absolutely quiet, and then i take a peek out & discovered that a young budding artist is hard at work at his art pieces, on many places besides the drawing block i gave him, even using his own body as his canvas, some of which i’ve to frantically clean immediately, like the CDs & the floor!! occasionally the husb & i will discover markers stains on our hands, wondering where we’ve got it, we’ve got colors strewn all over!
this expression & pose brings a grin to my face

colors on the food container, toy box, markers box

colors on the sofa!

colors on the wooden bench
colors on the mini hi-fi
colors on the floor!
graffiti considered art too hor? don’t u see a lovely budding artist in the making? so nice of him to add colors to the home & i get to perfect my cleaning skills 🙂