day 2 in bali (sunday), i got the news late in the nite that the tot fell from his flimsy tricycle & injured his 2 front teeth, account from the husb’s:

tot was riding around the house as usual, husb was in kitchen, heard the tot suddenly crying very badly, husb went out to living room to find tot sprawled on the floor next to the window,picked him up, turned him over & found him bleeding badly from the mouth, husb suspected tricycle caught on the legs of the dining chairs, flipped, tot fell off & happened to knock his mouth right on the window grills, husb couldn’t get tot’s PD cos he’s on hols, brought tot to mount alvernia a&e, doc there didn’t know what to do, husb brought him to sgh a&e, doc said 2 front teeth seemed to be pushed back a lil’, couldn’t check much as the tot was crying & in a lot of distress, said to monitor for infection for the next 6-8weeks, will need to remove 2 front teeth if there’s infection

i came back, tot’s gum was black & swollen, he couldn’t pronounce words properly & couldn’t chew on foods properly too, i tried to take closed-up pics of him so i can compare his teeth with his previous pics, i can’t remember what i did, but he was laughing very “widely” while i take his pics (i think he’s happy to see me, you think? ;P)
2 front teeth2
2 front teeth
i compared & couldn’t find any difference, but i discovered that he’s got 2 ‘dracula teeth’ at the top!
anyways we brought him for 2nd opinion at NDC, with a dentist specialises in children, she said she didn’t spot any displacement, all the teeth seem aligned, the gum’s swollen, asked us to monitor, brush his teeth well to get rid of plague to minimise infection & bacteria so as not to compromise healing (the husb daren’t brush his 4 front teeth after the incident, so those teeth were already very yellowish when i saw ’em), apply antiseptic mouthwash & follow-up in a week’s time

went for follow-up last week, gum has healed, tot’s back to pronouncing words as usual, back to chomping & chewing food, appetite’s back for a vengeance! but we need to continue to be extra diligent in his oral care & continue to monitor any unusual occurences until his adult teeth grow out (when he’s 6-7years old) because dentist can’t guarantee that the knock has not caused any traumatic impact to the adult teeth (which i’ve learnt are already there in the gum behind the milk teeth!)

but as for now, he’s back in shape at least, we’ll be careful but we’ll not worry too much about what we don’t know in the future & what we can’t do anything about

thank God that all’s well, at least for now, hoping it will stay this way

God made kids to be so resilient & strong! tot asked for his tricycle jus the next day after the incident! husb chucked the tricycle immediately that nite after the incident, went around the house, went through tot’s toys & chucked anything that’s even remotely unsafe, and he’s been on the high alert ever since on every possible, potential risk for hazard, so much so that i’ve to remind him that we don’t want to cross the line from trying to keep our child safe to overprotecting him to the point of stifling him

i need to give the husb more time to get over that incident & guilt (the fact that tot has fallen from the tricycle couple of times & we KNOW that its flimsy & TALKED about getting rid of & buying him a more sturdy one but yet didn’t DO anything about it), & his post-traumatic stress syndrome (from being there at the incident & witnessing the amount of blood oozing out from that tiny mouth)

parenthood lesson learnt #1 we can do everything to keep our child safe but we can’t prevent ALL risks, #2 the decisions we make or do not make (in this case) will affect our child, so we need to be diligent & careful, otherwise our child gets the brunt of consequences from the bad decisions we make

the husb thanked God for a 2nd chance