the trip to bali was more than just a self-care plan, i was hoping to soak in God’s presence, hear from Him & re-align my focus.

before the trip, i’ve been reading up on some literature & have gained more understanding of what it means to be “more than conquerors” & am aiming to be more than a conqueror because i’m in Christ.

i’m learning to focus more on the positives rather than the negatives, focus on what i have instead of what i do not have, to be more heavenward rather than earth-bound.

during the trip, for each & every day, God reminded me stuffs that i believe, if i secure tightly to my heart, i’m gonna face not just my sleep disorder, but any challenges bravely & be more than a conqueror 🙂

day 1: Psalm 121:7-8 God keeps His eyes on me ALWAYS, but am i? i should & i must, with that alone, i can conquer anything & everything

day 2: Isaiah 49:14-16 even though i might feel that i’m alone sometimes, and God might have forgotten about me, but He doesn’t, He never will, now that i’m a mother, i can understand v.15 completely

day 3: as i watched the sun rising, the vast expanse of the sky & sea, the heights of mountains & clouds, soaking in His love, i’m reminded of Psalm 8:3-4 & Psalm 139, i’m so small & God is so awesome & majestic yet He loves me so much
sunrise 2