jamie oliver, i’m quite a big fan of, i love his wooden tabletop, his lightning chopping skills, his extremely fresh ingredients (plucked & eat!), his rubbish bin hidden in his tabletop, he made cooking looked so effortless, and he made delicious looking food so so easy, and i’ve yearned for his books for a long long time, everytime i spot them at borders, i’ll smooth my fingers on the cover page gently, leaf through the pages carefully and cross my heart, promising myself i’ll treat myself to one of his books one day, any one.
the husb got one for me this christmas!! i beamed from ear to ear like a little girl who gets her favourite doll, the title is EMBOSSED in yellow (i smoothed my fingers over it again & again, hah)!! i love the fonts used in the entire book, i love the layouts of pics, words, captions, etc, i can’t wait to try out the recipes, i love the gift and love the giver more, such sweet gesture of thoughtfulness.