the tot’s shoes were getting too tight, and we’ve been trying to find a new pair for him. the husb (aka the fashion-police) bought a new pair one day, let the tot tried on. he got just 1 size up from tot’s previous pair. the right shoe size supposed to allow you to place your index finger at the back of the shoe & a thumb’s width at the front from the tot’s toe. we couldn’t. the next day, husb brought the shoe back to exchange for 1 size bigger & came back with what i think are gigantic shoes for the tot. tot tried on the shoes & toddlered around the house for quite awhile. as i watched him, i’m shocked to realise he’s wearing such large shoes, and his limbs look longer. and i wondered if he’s grown overnight.

at a recent event where extended family gathered, everyone commented he’s such a big boy now, he’s so tall now, blah blah blah…he rambled around gaily, sometimes with a hand in his pocket, and people said he looked so “小大人” (little man)

at times he was hopping & jumping around like a lil’ bunny, and then suddenly grew up & looked like he’s doing break-dance!


couple of days later, the husb got him a new sweater & he looks every bit like a rocker!

how did you grow up so fast, my precious lil’ baby?!?