this year’s anniversary marks the 6th year of our marriage. it also marks a significant sorta “turning point”.

for a period of more than 2 months, very often we became like distant strangers, and also very often we were arguing like we really disliked each other. our communication either came to a standstill or was connecting in all the wrong directions. we didn’t communicate much, and when we did, those times were either out of neccessity or spewing only words that hurt. we were facing issues, or rather i was facing overwhelming issues that i didn’t know how to deal with and thought maybe there wouldn’t be any resolutions.  it got so bad to a point where i felt like bailing out. yes leaving home, throwing in the towel for my marriage.

but how could i? i love the man and i love him so much.

yes, i felt miserable during that period but i know i’ll be far worse if i leave.
Dr James Dobson says, “don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.” i never imagine i ever will have thoughts of calling it quits, but this crisis made me realised i’ve married the individual i know i definitely can’t live without.

so on 23rd jan, 6th wedding anniversary, it was a very special, meaningful day and every reason to celebrate & give thanks to God. even when we filled the day with church in the morning, lunch, running errands, even when we were dead beat by the time we put the kiddo to bed, even when we only took a short 10mins bus ride, even when we only had dinner at a ‘ulu’ coffeeshop, even when we only had 2hrs of time alone. we chatted leisurely & joked happily & laughed heartily as we walked a couple of bus stops down before hopping on the bus to head home.

find joy & meaning even in the mundane routines, squeeze romance even out of a short time & tired bodies. a daily decision to continue to love, to hold & to be faithful. God’s love that binds securely. that will keep us together.
till death do us part indeed, the love of my life.
till death do us part