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the tot’s new haircut. sat in a kiddy ride machine with steering wheel while the very friendly, patient & encouraging hairdresser snipped his long mane away. he was ok for most part except towards the end when the shaver’s needed (we had wanted the length to be much shorter than this). he was brave & tried to keep his discomfort in, but the last straw was when a chunk of his hair fell onto his arm. he stared at it in horror, shivered in fear & finally let out a loud wail. and he couldn’t stop for almost an hr, only stopped occasionally to catch some breath, poor kid.
asher hair

cousins & great pals in the making
the tot wanted to show some affection cousins
although nat’s looking uncomfortable & slightly disturbed here, but he actually smiled & grinned at the tot when he saw the tot’s face up close (i came extremely close to nat, but he couldn’t focus his gaze at me, but he did with the tot almost immediately). his delightful expression at the tot seemed to say, “hey i remember you! you played cars with me while i was in mommy’s tum! did you bring those cars?!” (the tot “drove” his toy cars over Reb’s huge tummy everytime he saw her, haha).
a big hug before the baby went off for his nap.

checkered shirts buddies
checkered buddies