i’m more adventurous with food experimentation after starting the tot on solids, and i guess after eating rice for so many years of my life, it’s time to move on & explore other grains! after a try at bulghur wheat (seafood pilaf) which turned out to be yummy & family-favourite, i had a go at millet (you can follow the link to find out more & how to cook it).

i actually just need to soak it in hot water, but i pan-roasted it 1st

i think it makes some difference because i tried it with bulghur wheat, it taste much nicer toasted 1st than just soaking. don’t they look like tiny foam balls?
verdict, same as bulghur wheat, it’s rather dry but with juicy beef stew, it was not too bad, but i prefer bulghur wheat which is more fragrant

beef stew millet

it was love at 1st taste, healthy & easy to cook. looks very much like millet, but its couscous. (i love it so much, and sad that the husb’s not a big fan)
its known to be among the healthiest grain-based products & its extremely quick & easy to prepare. although you need only to soak in water, but i did a more elaborate way, but still quick & simple:
– boiled water with oil in saucepan (refer packaging directions for measurements), removed from heat
– stirred in couscous, covered & let it stand for 2-3mins
– added butter, chilli powder, paprika, basil, tumeric & heated again on very low heat for 3mins while stirring with fork to separate grains
we had with grilled chicken & greens, the tot chomped it all down, sedap!

you can play around with couscous practically with anything & everything, use different herbs & spices each time, eat it with salad, eat as side dish, eat with stew, eat with meat, eat it hot or cold, eat it plain or flavored, eat as dessert, eat with…really with most things, its a really versatile dish! now tell me, who needs only rice or potatoes, when you can have these much more healthier grains, so easy & quick to prepare & so so yummy?