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1. best tiramisù

watched the episode of jamie oliver sitting by the river in venice, whipping up this amazingly looking tiramisu, told myself i had to try making it and i did! i followed almost as closely as i could because its supposed to be the best tiramisu! the only thing different was i didn’t use fresh coffee beans, i just sprinkled coffee powder.
i had fun melting the choc, the aroma was heavenly, i didn’t use up to 70% cocoa but close. i would actually go for less cocoa, less dark a choc the next time, it was a lil’ too strong for me.

i made tiramisu with friends once, and that was the 1st time i came across ‘ladyfingers’ that are not referring to the green vegetables that look like fingers. i had a couple of leftovers this time and i dunked ’em in warm milk, in just 1 sec, they’re soaked with milk! no wonder they’re called sponge fingers, haha

i’m supposed to shave my choc over the top but i grated it instead. the next time i make again, besides using less of a dark choc, i think i’ll cut down on the coffee as well (not a coffee person), i’ll cut down on the mascarpone cheese too, it tasted great (friends said it was yummy too) but i think i’ll prefer a less creamy, a less rich tiramisu. may not look like jamie oliver’s, but i sure hoped it tasted like the best tiramisu!

2. panna cotta with strawberry sauce ( 2 links, i kinda combine the 2 different recipes together)

made for husb’s family’s reunion dinner.
didn’t turned out like i imagined…its been awhile since i last ate panna cotta (i love it the 1st time i tried it), honestly i can’t exactly remember how it taste like, but i thought its supposed to be smooth, soft & curdy like soya beancurd or pudding, but not quite so. maybe i added too much gelatin or maybe i shouldn’t have ‘fuse’ the 2 different versions together. i didn’t want & didn’t have that much cream, that’s why i mixed with milk.
1st time handled gelatin, it smelled gross after soaking in cold water for a short while, and after finding out & reading in detailed what gelatin really is, i’m gonna use other substitues or the vegetarian ones.

fresh, red korean strawberries (which the husb’s convinced they’re genetically modified), while cutting up in quarters, busy lil’ hands are reaching for ’em too ;D according to the recipe, i was supposed to pass the strawberries through the sieve to get the syrup but it was too tiring & time consuming, so i blended it instead & i’ve got comments that they prefer the thick consistency 😀

panna cotta
bought molds from daiso (in retrospect, i’d have just poured the panna cotta directly into the small containers that i was serving in to save time). but it was very fun unmolding them!

panna cotta

although it didn’t taste like the panna cotta i remembered eating, a lil’ disappointed but i had pretty positive feedback, so all’s well. but i’ll definitely try again! and before that happens, i’m gonna buy myself some panna cotta to get a taste of it!