wasn’t confident of baking a cake for the tot’s 2nd birthday, so decided to do muffins instead.
had a whole box of fresh cranberries in the fridge for weeks (1st time trying fresh cranberries, so sour no one dares to eat ’em), so wanted to use that.

had the tot helped in the batter
look at his gleeful expression, so delighted he’s able to help out in the kitchen & doesn’t he look like he’s so proficient at whisking!

birthday muffin
added some almond flakes to it, can’t remember which recipe i followed, but alot different ones are easily searchable, its a sugarless recipe, turned out looking very nice, but too plain, ( i sprinkled lotsa icing sugar for myself!)  i should’ve added honey. the tot enjoyed it, so that’s all that matters 🙂 –