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i’ve been cooking so much the last few weeks that i think i smelt of food all the time & so much that i don’t feel like cooking for the rest of my life (ok, i’m exaggerating, sori) anyhows, these are the stuffs i’ve cooked:

1. baked chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes
friends came over for dinner, wanted to try out this recipe, but did a less-work version chicken
i pounded the chicken breast, just marinated with herbs & spices;

stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes;

wrapped ’em up (w/o the toothpicks) & baked ’em…i served with baked potatoes & greens (which i liked the most in that dinner, bleah)

verdict: didn’t turn out to be as yummy as it looked, ;(
i’m a big fan of sun-dried tomatoes, but so not nuts about chicken breast. so i’ll use chicken thighs the next time & will make sure i follow almost the exact recipe. sorry for the not so tasty, tough chicken dinner, guys :@

2. speedy dinner
needed to fix dinner for myself at a late notice (cos the husb informed he’s working late)
diced up an apple & whipped up a good bowl of salad. baked a huge portobello mushroom sprinkled with herbs & spices & shredded cheese, it came out bubbling with burnt cheese & heavenly juices. i was seriously stuffed after that but oh so satisfying 😀

3. Wholemeal pancakes
woke up one morning, craving for a different brekkie. quickly searched for an easy recipe for wholemeal pancakes (have a pack of wholemeal flour lying around for the longest time) & viola! healthy wholemeal pancakes with hard boiled egg.
pancake & egg
a really easy recipe, surprisingly its not dry, very fluffy & moist;

except that i didn’t add any salt, so it tasted a lil’ bland. then i remembered i had some leftover strawberry sauce from making panna cotta a day ago, so i ate with that, it was yummy! the tot had an unusually big serving of brekkie ; D

4. swedish meatballs
tried another dish from my jamie oliver’s 🙂
it was really easy, but the kneading into balls was pretty tiring, but still quite fun. i’d ‘ve gotten the tot’s help if not for the fact he was taking his nap, he’d loved to roll the meatballs. i got so tired of rolling the meatballs, i made some into patties.

served with mashed potatoes, baked mushrooms with cheese, steamed brocc & cranberry sauce instead of lingoberry, husb & tot loved the meal 😀

5. meat patties with rye spirals pasta & pumpkin soup
the patties i made together with the meatballs? the following day, i pan-fried it; patti
served with rye pasta with tomato puree & pine nuts;

pumpkin soup
made pumpkin soup once, it was ok, too creamy cos i added coconut milk. so decided to improve this time.
i followed this really simple recipe, added extra thin slices of roasted pumpkin atop the roasted pumpkin seeds & croutons. roasted/toasted pumpkin seeds are really fragrant & yummy, i like to toast til its slightly charred & extremely crispy. i toasted my pine nuts too except they got burnt really easily.

6. seafood baked rice
a hearty one-dish rice meal.
seafood baked rice3
i used squids, prawns, salmon, some white fish, oysters, chicken, brocc, wanted to add mushrooms but i forgot (argh!).

seafood baked rice2
sprinkled shredded cheese generously over the rice & ingredients.

seafood baked rice
i loved to see how the cheese melts & turns into golden, sticky goo, yums
husb reported that tis his 2nd favorite dish, right next to the mediterranean meal : D
well, i haven’t really cooked much for the past 2 weeks since these galore of food at home, been using frozen food or eating out…but finishing frozen food soon, the time for cooking will soon start again!i’m exhausted from other issues at the moment & i hope i perk up real soon!

psst, tell me which one/s whet your appetite the most? : D