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i’ve never been made-up before, not even on my wedding day. i never quite like the idea of having someone touching my face, curling my eyelashes, etc.
but yes, i went for my 1st makeover, for a little bit of fun and see how it is like but more for the brand, bobbi brown (read her book, amazed at how she started this line & interested to try out)
so this is how i look like after the ‘makeover’, a very simple one, which i think i wouldn’t have problem pulling off by myself














oh and it’s also the 1st time i’m posing for a photoshoot (yes, i didn’t have that either for my wedding), i felt so awkard & a total idiot following the different poses. all i can say is i made the right choice of not spending money on doing something i know i wouldn’t enjoy for my wedding. the whole makeover was quite fun though, with a friend with me, joking & teasing me about the weird poses i made.