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sometime back i had a post on the different hairstyles i had throughout the years, and mentioned about the next hairstyle i might be trying…i couldn’t wait for my hair to grow out any longer, and one day when the husb came home really early from work, i scooted off to the salon and did this
new hair2
it didn’t really turn out to be what i envisioned, i told the hairstylist i wanted a concave sloped-up at the back bob, and short, straight fringe. he was shocked at the fringe request and gave questioning looks throughout. then it didn’t look very concave at the back, and i kept asking him to trim the back higher, and after he’s done, i still didn’t quite like what i saw, then i asked him to give me an asymmetric cut, cut my fringe even shorter, again he gave that questioning look and this was the result. i have to say i didn’t quite feel i’ve gotten what i want and wasn’t quite happy when i stepped out of the salon which i spent 120mins in!
anyways, i tried to play around with it, like sweeping my short fringe to the side (above pic), but the husb prefers the all straight fringe, he says that brings out the asymmetric look better which he likes.

new hair

surprisingly, i’ve gotten rave reviews about this new hairdo from peeps. i’m still not nuts about it, plus it doesn’t really suit my lifestyle, i can’t put my hair behind my ears, i’ve got hair hanging over my face when i do chores, etc…

do you like my fringe swept to the side or straight down? 😀