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for husb’s birthday this year, i signed him up for a windsurfing course, held at east coast park

while he’s busy learning & practising how to windsurf, the tot & i spent our time on the beach building sandcastles, drawing double-decked bus with twigs, transporting sand on the bulldozer & truck, throwing the beach ball around

waiting for the waves to come in to cool our feet & digging our toesy into the wet sand

relaxing on the bench with our legs propped up, enjoying cuddling time and the cool seabreeze

tot did his 1st birthday card for the papa, there were supposed to be straws on the ‘cake’ as candles, but the tot yanked ’em out before i realised it, the green circular stickers are supposed to be flames above the candles, oh well, but check out the 2 cute, colorful handprints!
birthday 6
the husb had alot of fun windsurfing, liked his birthday surprise alot, its something he’s never done before 😀