8am : woken up by WX’s call, asking me to go over their place to bring Reb to doc cos of persistent, increasing pain in her appendix area of the tum

9am: reached mt alvernia A&E

10 – 1130am: saw doc, sent blood & urine for test

1130am – 1+pm: blood test showed evidences of bacteria infection, most likely a case of appendicitis, waiting to be admitted & got surgeon to ascertain

12+ –1+ pm: Reb’s pain spread, got worse, after asking nurses to give painkillers for couple of times, I was short of hollering at ‘em as Reb cringed in great pain

1+ – 2+pm: checked in to ward, registered for admission, surgeon came, sorta confirmed a surgery’s needed

4+ – 6+pm: Reb’s surgery

in the middle of the night on that day of surgery, she was so hungry she asked for a bowl of porridge, doc said normally, patients after this surgery will have no appetite till  after a day or so, and even then just liquid diet, but the very next day, she was chomping down a full meal of soup, rice, fish & fruits VERY heartily.
during & after this episode, few things discovered/realised/happened:

1. i realised just how high Reb’s threshold of pain is, VERY, EXTREMELY high. throughout the entire time of bringing her to the hosp, waiting for our turn, waiting for blood & urine test results, waiting for painkillers, waiting to be admitted to ward, and waiting for surgery, there was not ONCE she whined nor complained, we chatted, talked, laughed on many, many topics. we had sandwiches while waiting for the test results. except for occasional banging her head on the wheelchair pole, she was such cool beans. even when she raised her voice at the nurses to give her the painkillers, she ended off with a snigger. no wonder she went thru’ labor without epidural. i was truly amazed at her capacity for pain and her unshaken calmness.

2. she showed her vulnerable side when she learnt that she was not to breastfeed Nat, and couldn’t care for him. she was worried mostly for Nat. she said to WX when he was trying to assure her of the surgery, “aiyah heck the surgery, who cares about the surgery!” such is a mother’s love for her baby.

3. i would think our SIL relationship has gone to another level after this episode, i see a new side of her i never knew, and we went thru kinda a crisis together for the 1st time, or rather i was with her during a crisis for the 1st time. and when she cried for Nat, i felt like i was feeling her pain too & was choking back my tears.

i think i’ve mentioned how similar the husb & Reb are, from this episode, i’ve seen Reb being just as cool as a cucumber like the husb, her brother, and fortunately the tot has gotten the ‘coolness’ gene too 😀