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meals recently hadn’t been adventurous nor exciting…couldn’t really find the mood or energy to experiment new dishes, so i’ve been cooking the same stuffs over & over again, if it’s not stew, it’s soup, if it’s not grilled/baked, it’s steamed, if it takes more than 1/2hr -1hr, sorry i’m not cooking.

but one fine day, i got bored, so i thought i’ll try another of jamie oliver’s recipe: greek sticky pork stew, i only took under 1/2hr to put everything together & the rest of 2hrs + is just letting it stew away!


  • heat olive oil in pot over medium high heat
  • add pork and cook, stirring every now and then, for about 10mins, until the pieces start to go golden on all sides (i used pork shoulder)
  • add red wine and red wine vinegar (i just pour whatever amount i like) and cook for further 5mins
  • once the liquid’s reduced by about 2/3, transfer everything to a bowl
  • put pot back on the heat, heat oil
  • gently fry thickly sliced leeks, roughly chopped red peppers, sliced carrots and dried oregano for about 10-15mins, stirring occasionally, until softened (i added green zucchini & mushrooms too)
  • tip pork back into pot and season to taste with pinch of salt & pepper (i skipped this cos of tot)
  • stir in tomato puree and enough water to just cover everything
  • bring to boil, then turn the heat down to low, put the lid on and let it tick away for 2hrs, until the meat’s falling apart (i let it tick for about an hr+ only because of the smaller portion i cooked)
  • then add chopped prunes and cook for another 45mins (i did for 1/2hr) with the lid off
  • add lemon juice or any other seasoning if necessary
  • finely chopped fresh parsley leaves & sprinkle all over the stew (i didn’t do this)

i did this dish twice already, the 1st time i added too much prunes, so the stew turned out much sweeter than i like it, the 2nd time was much better, but less sticky in consistency, not sure why, but its really one of the yummiest stews i’ve ever cooked!
pork stew

putting on the apron, the tot wanted to help too 😀cooking lately

the tot hasn’t been eating well, partly because he’s been ill, and i suspect partly also because he might be bored with the same ole stuffs i’ve been cooking. so thinking i’d add some new elements to spice his meals up a lil, i did a mini baked tuna pie for him: i just tossed together tuna, grilled asparagus, dried apricots & pumpkin seeds, spread mashed potatoes on top, sprinkled some cheese on it, baked for 15mins, all within 1/2hr!
baked tuna pie

he “whacked” the entire thing, asking for 2nd helping
baked tuna pie2

on another day, i did a mini shepherd’s pie for him and again he “whacked” the entire dish up happily
mini shepherd's pie
mini shepherd's pie2
mini shepherd's pie3

an extremely satisfied, hearty eater made the mama feeling very fuilfilled 😀