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– started introducing potty in the bathroom (about 18mths)
– tot had an on & off attitude towards this new “ornament”
– sat on it couple of times, even pooped while seated on it, twice but with diapers on
– didn’t welcome the idea of being without diapers
– 1/2 year later (which was about more than a mth ago) again brought up the idea of wearing cool briefs, underwear with cars or spiderman, colorful training pants, resisted at first, but willing to try & he got hooked onto the BLUE training pants!!

potty training2
just into the 2nd day, the tot’s 1st pee in the potty! i clapped so loudly, jumped & hopped & made such a big deal outta it, he was so exhilarated that he ran round the whole house, and that made him eager to go to the potty 😀

potty training

– by the 2nd day, tot already knew the sensation of his elimination processes & was able to learn how to hold his pee pretty well before he reaches the potty
– by a wk, he’s migrated his elimination businesses to the toilet bowl, with hardly any accidents
– by 2nd wk, he’s peeing & pooping in the toilet, with occasional accidents only in the evenings when he gets tired & forgets to go

1. make it fun, make it ultra fun & exciting. otherwise why would a kid want to leave playing thats fun to go do something tats boring??
– i say, “do you wanna poop in the toilet bowl? you can see the poopy floating in the toilet bowl and then you can flush!” with animated gestures & expressions
– i sit outside while he’s doing it, we sing, we chat, we share jokes & laugh, make silly & funny expressions
– he likes to flip books while seated on it

2. make a BIG deal outta it whenever he did it
– i clap, jump, hop, dance around the house, shout 3 cheers & lift him up & plant a big kiss on him whenever he did a big business
– praise him for being so good in going to the toilet in exaggerated expressions
– give him stickers to paste on the wall infront of the WC whenever he did it (1 sticker for a pee, 2 stickers for a poop & 3 stickers for staying dry at naps)

3. keep a poker face at accidents
– just clean up quickly, wash him up, assure him “its okay, you’re still learning, i’m sure you’ll get this real quick”
– get back to the original activity without any fuss

according to what i read, tot’s training is considered complete if he can stay dry during waking hours during the day because in essence he has already gained awareness & control of his own waste elimination, staying dry at night would take much longer because biologically, he’s not ready yet.

– it was pretty tiring at the beginning as there were lotsa clean-ups to do, each accident warrants me to clean up the pee, change his training pants, wash him up, and wash the soiled pants/shorts

i wanted to give up after the 2nd day because i was feeling so tired (on top of all the things sahm does) but thought since i started, i should persevere and i’m glad i did. it was such a fulfilling feeling to see him sitting on the toilet bowl, it is after all one of the biggest milestone a tot can achieve.

on the other hand, we’re having lotsa fun whenever he visits the toilet (besides the singing & chatting), i find it hilarious watching his expressions, esp during a poop. we will chat & sing, then he’ll stop, concentrate really hard with his scrunged up expression, and when he heard the splash, his expression immediately switched to a delightful one. there are usually 2 common set of converations:

while doing a poop:
tot: (while focusing with flushed face) a big one’s coming
me: oh ok (giggle)
tot: (splash) thats a big one (beams)
me: oh great! gd job!
tot: (tries squeezing again) this is a tiny one
me: (laugh)
tot: one more big one coming, then after a small one
me: (rofl)

while doing a pee: (tot’s learning that his penis can change in size and that it can be hard/soft in the process)
tot: (pressed penis while peeing) your penis is big
me: erh…ok…
tot: (after peeing) your penis is small now
me: oh ok…(stifling laughter)
tot: (stroked penis & held it up) its big again
me: (rofl)