to the aunt who said, “what a shame you’re staying home to take care of the tot, you’re an university grad..”

to my 推拿 therapist who said, “oh you went to university, what a waste you’re not working…”

to a few people who commented (upon learning i’m a SAHM), “so you’re tai-tai lah”

and to a few other people who commented, “wah, good life ah, no need to work”

i want to say:
i am absolutely not ashamed that i’m staying home to nurture my kid, and i am definitely not wasting my life & education because i’m spending the fundamental years in building a good foundation in my kid’s character, self-esteem, value system, etc…
yes, i’m a tai-tai if that means free from the toils of workforce, yes, i lounge around with the tot sometimes, yes, i eat out at restaurants, and yes, i have afternoon tea, and yes i’m having lotsa outings with other ‘tai-tai’s too but i’m not the kind of tai-tai who sits around, waiting for people to serve & complete tasks for me. i cook, i wash, i clean, i scrub, i clear waste, i run errands, then i clean again, wash again & clear waste again..
i believe i am “working” as hard as if not harder than anyone who is financially employed.
and a resounding “YES” to i’m having a good life, because i’m there, every step of the way, at every stage of my kid’s development, witnessing & rejoicing in his every firsts. i’m there to have all the fun together with him, having all the laughs, all the smiles, all the pain and all the bonding moments. oh yeah, i’m having a very good life, watching my kid grow from a helpless, crying infant to a lil’ person who has a mind of his own. this path is not an easy one, but i’m certainly not trading it for anything in the world. 
a 'tai-ta' life