Marriage Enhancement

the husb & i wanted to make sure we have scheduled time to do some specific things during the holiday in our effort to enhance our marriage relationship. you know, with a kid, you really need to make conscious, extra effort to make your marriage thrive, otherwise it will just be surviving.

so we did an ’emotional needs quiz’ in which we gained a better understanding of the other’s top 5 emotional needs, so as to more effectively meet each other needs…
the thing is, when u have a kid, very often you’re not left with lotsa emotional energy & physical energy, so you want to only focus on the top 5 emotional needs instead of spreading yourself thin in trying to meet ALL10 of the needs and then in the end, too tired to meet ANY. it was said that if you spend your efforts meeting just the top 2 or 3 of the emotional needs, you pretty much will keep your spouse very happy in the marriage…and we were reminded that even after knowing each other for more than a decade, and been married for 6yrs, we still discover new things about each other. and that makes marriage interesting, isn’t it?

another thing we did was this “conversation starters” kit.
we have never done this before and neither do we ever imagine ourselves doing something like, but it was fun!! it felt like we were just starting to date kinda exciting.

so be open-minded, try new things, discover new things, we’ve been reminded of these and more. the marriage relationship is enhanced and strengthened 🙂