i went for 2 courses, both for the 1st time.

1st was a phototgraphy course, its called “pro secrets” by sop, where i learned some secrets of taking good pictures like how a pro does. it was a 2 day course, which involved a field trip to practise taking pro pictures after learning some of the secrets and a critique session for the photos we take.

i submitted these 2 photos
photography course

photography course2

the instructor wasn’t very impressed by these 2 photos, and when i show him the other photo below, he was like, “ah yes, this photo is much better compared to the 1st”…the husb said this 2nd photo is typical, he likes the one above better…i know the photos are nothing much to rave about but i prefer my 1st frangipani because i love the clearly defined silhoutte of the flower, yes not very clear, but add to the mystery effect of the flower…
well, i enjoyed the course alot & learned tonnes & am still trying to master some of the aperture stuffs & playing around with the manual functions instead of letting the camera do the job.
photography course3

i signed myself up for a rollerblading course, erh, beginner’s course, yes…hmmm, yes i do know how to blade but i thought i could go see if i’ve missed out on any basic foundations since i self-learned, plus i’m still so clumsy at making turns & stopping. it turned out, it was quite a waste of time…95% were young kids, few young ladies (a young instructor addressed these young ladies as “ladies” and when he came to me, he called me “mam” – is it that obvious?!?)…yes i learnt a lil’ something new, i think but i think i wouldn’t miss out anything if i didn’t go for this course.