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Shows & Performances

i went to watch an interactive theatre performance Inhabitants with wen, it was my first of such kind, and it was the most unique i’ve ever been to. when they say interactive, its not your usual just an activity or two that you are going to be engaged in, it really IS interactive! from the start of the performance to the end of it, i was constantly moving around, smelling something, feeling something, touching someone, seeing or not seeing stuffs. now thats what i called truly interactive!! wen & i totally enjoyed ourselves that evening, all our senses were highly stimulated, it blew our mind but decided that its not everyone’s cup of tea. you’ll either love it totally or find it totally ‘duh’.
File:Lion king large.jpgmy 1st oh-so-expensive broadway musical, The Lion King. after watching it, i understand why people rave so much about it, and why it won so many worldwide rewards. it was truly spectacular, awesome & many breathtaking moments. it was worth every cent and more!
i went to watch a midnight movie, not the 1st midnight movie i’ve watched, but the 1st midnight movie i watched all by myself. i couldn’t churn out a more earthly hour to watch & it probably might had been the last week X-Men First Class was gonna be showing. and i so wanted to catch it on the big screen. so i watched an 1145pm show, after i came out from the cinema, i thought i was gonna be locked in that huge dark mall & i had to spend the night there, fortunately not so…
i liked all these shows & performances i caught, i had thoroughly enjoyed myself 😀