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the husb has finally got into (or should i say onto) his bicycle, and started riding during this sch hols, the more he rode, the more confident he got, the longer distance he explored and he got pretty good at negoitiating the traffic with the cars on the road. and so since the new sch term started, he has been riding to work on some mornings and riding back on some afternoons or evenings. amazingly, that takes about the same time (1hr20mins) or less than if he takes public transport. i worry & pray for his safety but am proud of him. he enjoys the riding and he gets to work out too.

this is the husb after riding home from work one day
riding husb

we brought tot to one of the nearby playgrounds one day. there were some big boys playing beyblade. he was curious and so he went over to check them out. he stayed at a distance watching initially, but inched closely & closer until he was just seated down next to them. we were seated on a bench some distance away. he glanced over at us every now and then, smiling tentatively (and shyly) as he moved slowly next to the boys. we were just happy leaving him with the boys when we realised that it might not be too safe for him to be too close in case the blades fell off & hit him. so the husb went over & wanted to ask him to stay further away. as the husb was approaching, he stood up & waved him off & said in a sheepish, smiling way, “you (referring to himself) don’t want papa to come here!”
alright, folks, i’m a big boy now, i want to be with the big boys, stop following me behind!

haha, we found that pretty amusing & recognised its another big milestone
just one of the recent photos, i love his expression here!