i love salmon, like it poached, baked, grilled, but mostly in sashimi form..
today’s menu for lunch & dinner consisted of salmon, baked salmon but ate in different ways:

lunch: baked salmon (1 with parmesan cheese, 1 with breadcrumbs, couldn’t decide which i would like, so did both!) with capers, ate with brown rice short grains with beans & spinach
i ate my spinach raw
salmon lunch

but the tot ate his slightly cooked & shredded (trying to make it more palatable for him), but unfortunately, he still didn’t quite like this green…he didn’t like the grains with beans too ūüė¶
salmon lunch 2

dinner: i placed a piece of tortilla in the baking tray, spread some cream cheese all over, then spinach on top. then i spread mashed potatoes (usual yellow ones & orange sweet potato), next up is the baked salmon flakes (seasoned with avocado oil & paprika) and then finish off with black olives
salmon tortilla

then i wrapped it up, and after baking for about 10-15mins, this is my salmon tortilla wrap! (what? i know it looked like i did a nappy wrap, ok!)
salmon tortilla 2

i know it doesn’t look very presentable, but its super yummy, ok!! look at how the tot’s devouring it!! it was sooo, sooooo full of goodness, so fulfilling, so satisfying! my own concoction!¬†¬†
salmon tortilla 3