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recently, i’ve fallen in love with feta cheese, once i had them in my salads,now i can’t do without them , they’re so so yummy!

i’ve been wanting to try making ice-cream, but either you need to have an ice-cream machine which doesn’t come that cheap, or you need to go through a long gruelling process of actually making the ice-cream. i was pretty disappointed & kinda stayed disappointed until i came across this recipe!! soft serve ice-cream’s the way man!! its fuss-free, easy, healthy, quick & super dupey yummilicous! even on its own!!

you just gotta freeze up cubes of banana (at least an hr), whizz ’em
banana icecream

and viola! you’ve got ice-cream to serve! (a tip tho’, if you don’t want such a soft serve ice-cream, don’t whizz too much)

white rice is a waste of time cooking & eating because they’re the least nutritious of all grains (have i ever mention this before?!). i mean, if you’ve got like so many other varieties of grains out there, that are much healthier, easier to cook, yummier, why bother with white rice right? so anyways, i’ve recently tried cooking spelt, pearled spelt in this case

its like cooking risotto, & it looked like risotto & even tasted like risotto, a little like barley. i like it, goes down the tummy very well, smooth & fragrant. i’d rank this 2nd, right under bulghur wheat šŸ˜€

finally, i’ve also found another alternative to wholemeal wrap & pita bread, tortilla wrap! it actually says “mountain bread” on the package, makes me think of manna that fell from the sky!
remember the debut dishĀ of my oven? i kinda used the same ingredients, instead of making pizza, i made tortilla wraps.
1st, i cut one huge wrap into small pieces, spread some tomato puree (or cream cheese)
tortilla wrap

then piled on roasted pumpkin, roasted yellow & red caps, baked chicken pieces & mushrooms, roasted garlic, strips of sundried tomatoes, and finally sprinkled parmesan cheese all over
tortilla wrap2
tortilla wrap3

wrapped ’em up nicely (wrapping skills improved!), baked for about 10-15mins on 180degĀ & there you have it, nice, toasty, crunchy wraps!
tortilla wrap4

i made it small so that its easy for the tot to hold the entire thing & eat, without spilling the contents all over. itĀ made no differenceĀ initially because he likes to pinch off the crunchy tortilla wraps to munch 1st, exposing the fillings but he got the idea after seeing me eat it whole. tortilla wrap5
he ate 3 small ones & 1 medium one & still asking for more!! i had to stop him at 4.Ā