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i realised i’ve been reaching for the same few pieces of clothings. and even when i do dig out some stuffs which i haven’t worn for some time, after trying ’em on, i always changed my mind, and again put on those usual faves…

while i was pregnant, i’ve put away some old faves (for obvious reasons). after delivery, those old faves still remain tucked away, when i’ve gone back down to my pre-preg weight, i didn’t think of wearing ’em, and then when i’ve lost my pre-preg weight, i couldn’t fit into ’em, argh! anyways, i realised those clothings that i thought looked good on me before i had a baby, don’t seem to look too good on me now (those bulging thighs & tum!)

so i’ve been slowly getting rid of stuffs in my wardrobe & getting new faves…recently i’ve found some bargains, and i like to share my new faves from those buys 😀

1st piece, this skirt, i got it at only $10 at a flea market, its not even 2nd-hand, its new (or so i was told). i’ve been looking for skirts that are flattering, but the in-fashion bubble skirts, flare skirts, etc looked awful on me. i’m so glad i found this skirt, its comfortable, it fits me perfectly, and check out the henna lookalike prints, i love it!!
new clothings

3 new pieces on this look, the green tube top (i love this shade of green!), white pencil skirt, both from mango & both under $10!! shoes from clarks, above $100, i decided to invest in this considering the fact that its EXTREMELY difficult to find shoes my size, the brand & comfort, and i just love this design, it makes my legs look long. i just love this total outfit put together, don’t i “look” taller & slimmer?
new clothings2

so this is the close-up of my new shoes, i like the 2-tone colors. its very very comfortable, i walked for quite a distance one day and i didn’t have any blisters at all. i don’t take to wearing heeled shoes very well, i ALWAYS get blisters.
new clothings -shoes

very very happy with these 😀