i’ve survived last month & i’m alive!

yes, i was struggling to keep my family well & afterwards, trying to keep myself alive for 1/2 of last month, which explains the slightly long absence here.

1st to fall was the husb, he’s got some nasty flu bug that had him coughed, sneezed & throat sored for about a week plus, then as he was recovering, the tot came down with influenza A (a family of H1N1). fever was sky high, fluctuating, i had to check on him throughout the nite for 3 nights, sponging, taking temp, feeding med 3 hourly. not to mention he had been coughing on & off for 2 months prior to this. i was trying so hard to fight the virus, but my body gave in when tot just started to recover at the end of one week. i had high fever, achy body, bad sore throat & a seriously bad cough. by the end of the 2nd week when i was starting to get better, bronchitis crashed in on me and that tortured me for another week, without much of a voice…

honestly, i felt so ill that at 1 point i thought i was never going to recover, especially on the day when the husb returned to work & i was left to fend for myself & care for the tot. the day before i was feeling ok and felt i was recovering, but the fever crept back in during the night like a thief! i couldn’t walk a straight line as i tried to get meals for the tot & myself, few times i thought i was gonna faint. i wanted to teach the tot then how to dial the husb’s number but i was too sick…

well, we always try to see the silver lining in every dark cloud right? 1stly, i haven’t fell this sick for years. i think i’ve built up a pretty good immunity against this 2 new illness i’ve never had (i didn’t think tamiflu). 2nd good thing was, i’ve survived a couple of days being so ill & being alone with a recovering, attention-craving tot, so i’m cool. 3rd good thing is now the tot knows how to dial the husb’s number & he can reach his papa if i ever faint or get tied up by some burglar.
finally, a very good thing was i got to spent lotsa time lying in bed, resting, reading, spending extended time with God which i don’t get to do very much.

most importantly, we’re all back on our feet, healthy & busy again!