for christmas, i gave the tot a golden retriever. he loves this huge one at ikea, he hugs it everytime he sees it at the display.

i placed the dog next to his bed before we headed out for church on christmas day
christmas gift2

we came home, he played with his cars at the living area as usual before heading to his room to change out his clothes. he was skipping to his room and took a step back when he saw the dog and knelt down speechless and in shock
christmas gift
i was enjoying his reaction while he was mumbling, “whats that, whats that?”
when i told him that’s his christmas prezzie, he said, “that’s not real?”

i had to assure him a few times that its the same dog he likes in ikea, its not real before he cautiously went in & took the dog, still looking suspiciously at the dog, making sure its not real
christmas gift3

and finally, happily beaming at his gift!
christmas gift4

he wanted to name the dog “heidi”, but next day, upon remembering harold’s (harold and the purple crayon) dog’s name is lilac, he named the retriever “lilac”

so now, lilac has become the tot’s best playmate next to bluebear. the tot sleeps with it;
christmas gift7
christmas gift8

plays with it;
christmas gift5

even feeds the dog on a daily basis
christmas gift6

the dog is basically around everywhere, i have to say initially the dog freaked me out abit because its so huge, it looked like another person suddenly appearing in the middle of the hallway or on the sofa. the tot’s so delighted in having lilac around 😀