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i have been itching to do jamie oliver’s tiramisu again, but the thought of whipping till my arms break put me off (especially with my low watt electric one), but i saw this green tea tiramisu recipe at wen’s while we were baking biscuit sponges, with Reb (look at how the lil’ baker was hard at work!), i had to go back to make that!
biscuit sponge

very focused on sifting the flour while Reb scooped the flour into the sifter…
biscuit sponge2

carefully folding in…
biscuit sponge3

so when i went back on another day (by myself), we made biscuit sponges again for the tiramisu, we kinda did 2 unorthodox versions from the original recipe, mine was the more unorthodox one, just poured the green tea mixture all over (the one on your left). would prefer a stronger green tea flavor, but still yummy yums!

green tea tiramisu
green tea tiramisu2