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it drizzled for a little while but we were still in good spirits

the tot was pretty excited about the airshow, armed with his mini binoculars and camera, he seemed all ready for action…
asher with cam

…till the real action started, it was too overwhelming that he curled into the papa’s arms…he was forewarned but it proved to be too much for him to bear…i can only imagine how his little heart can take the thundering sound as the jetplanes zoomed above us, even my adult heart trembled

after sometime, he seemed to recover from the overwhelming experience and started to enjoy the show a little, taking pictures again
asher 2

these are some of the photos i took of the show and these are my fav planes among the rest

planes 2

planes 3

and these are the photos that the tot took 😀

perspectives from where he stands…

capturing people…

aunty sarah & him were taking pictures of each other…

his tiny binoculars, which amazingly works, somewhat…

planes 3

planes 2


this new adventurous experience took so much outta the tot, it took him about 3-4 days to recover…at the same time, it was so fun he said he wants to go again…by then, he’ll be 5 years old!