8th march 2012, it was an ordinary day. so ordinary, so unusually ordinary (new oxymoron?) that i was feeling a little sad about the ordinariness of it.

if its just another ordinary day on a usual day, that’s fine. but this day, my age went up a digit. so it was supposed to be a special day, where i’d feel a lil’ chirpy, a lil’ happy, right? oh no, nope, not this day. in fact, this day happened to be one of the ‘not-so-good’ days – tempers were short, mood was cranky, patience was low, love was little, i was feeling crappy.

but actually there were ‘extra’ things on this ordinary day, my phone vibrated every now and then from early morning till late night, with birthday wishes, greetings, words of love & prayers. there were messages left my FB wall with gifts of affirmation, love & encouragement.

but strangely, these did nothing for this cranky birthday mam who was still drowning herself in the routinely ordinariness of the day…until she read this birthday note from a dear friend…1st line wrote, “8th march is an ordinary day…” its spooky i tell you…because right now, i’m reading this book “the gift of an ordinary day” and i was at the chapter on “ordinariness” on this day!

it is written by a mother of 2 teenage boys, she’s went thru/going thru mid-life crisis…and i read about the gift of an ordinary day, hahah, its gotta be this very special day that i read about this exact issue on this exact book rite…
i was slightly encouraged by what i read, how real life is NOW, not in the past, not in the future, everything special is happening NOW…and quote Thomas Moore, “the ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.”

and then i remembered…
it is in cultivating joy in every moment, every routine, every ordinariness of a day…
it is when i woke up with asher snuggling up to my face, him planting smoochy kisses on my cheeks & nose, it is when he asked me 1001 questions about everything & anything; it is about preparing and having lunch together with him; it is about doing the dishes, it is about reading the same storybook the 127th time, it is about being able to say bedtime prayer & kiss him goodnight.

each ordinary day can be extraordinary if viewed in the right light.

and i’m double encouraged by my friend’s short, yet powerful note…i thank God for His extraordinary reminders on this ordinary day.

i am an extraordinary person living out an ordinary day.
i am also an ordinary person bringing extraordinariness to the people around me.
i like to become the extraordinary person who knows how to cherish the plain and common, and appreciate the ordinary.