on this day, we didn’t plan to do anything in specific, there were no plans to go out, no one to meet, no errands to run, no groceries to buy. we went down for a very short stroll, just to get some fresh air, get some sunlight. it was a very ordinary day.

basking in the sunshine, running free, with his best pal, bluebear…

delighting in the company of egrets who were searching for worms & flying around…

entrusted his pal to me, bluebear all tucked under my wrist (taken by the kid)

enjoying the last few moments of the stroll & mucking around before we head home to have shower, lunch & nap

washing dishes, doing laundry are acts of service; holding hands while crossing the roads are acts of protection; these are all acts of love, so are cooking, folding clothes, cleaning, tidying up, kisses, cuddles, touches… it is through these consistent, ordinary, daily little things that keep the love going

the ordinary days are special when i make sure to capture gleeful expressions, squeals of delight, infectious giggles; and to be grateful that i can run my fingers through soft hair, stroke my fingers on flawless chubby cheeks, observe small determined hands learning to use the scissors, button shirts; and to feel privileged to be able to kiss bruised knees, read stories, embrace a small body, wipe away trickling tears; and to enjoy having meals together, listening to music, laugh, dance, play, lazing about at home.

every ordinary day can be extraordinary because it makes up of many such little special moments