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the kid’s starting school tomorrow. yes, my kid is starting school tomorrow.
sch uniforms

got him a new school bag, he chose a bright cool color. classic design.
school bag

his usual bag’s too small, you can’t imagine the amount of stuffs that he needs in the school bag…bath towel, insect repellent, p.e attire, extra set of home clothes, jacket, toothbrush & tumbler, water bottle, plastic bags for soiled clothes…the name labels given by a great pal when the kid was born came in handy!
water bottle

got him a new haircut too, looking all fresh & excited, he’s all packed and all ready for school, maybe more than all ready. the kid’s been talking about wanting to go to school since months ago. sch bag

oh boy, i am so gonna miss the kid when he’s in school…i will miss the all day in, all day out with him mon-fri…i will miss having him around in the mornings, i will miss the carefree days where if we feel like staying home, we stay home; if we feel like hanging out, we hang out; if we feel lazy, we can sleep in; if we wanna have an early start, we can wake up earlier; where we can lounge around in bed longer if we like before we decide to start on brekkie while we ask, “what shall we do today”. don’t get me wrong, of course its not that carefree every single day, there were days when we’ve gotta to get ready early in the morning & rush thru’ brekkie & rush out of the house (doc’s appts, playdates, etc), but you get my drift… with the kid starting school, its gonna be like that EVERY SINGLE DAY, MON-FRI.

and also don’t me wrong, i’m definitely looking forward to having more time for myself, in fact, i’m already making a mental list of some of the things i’d like to do, nice brekkie by myself, more time alone with God, reading, chatting on the phone (without being interrupted). more time for just being by myself. i’m glad that he’s spreading his wings, venturing into a new, exciting phase, making new friends, enjoy learning new stuffs. and i know the short “separation” will do both of us good at this stage where he learns greater independence, away from me.

but its just that once he starts school, the time we can spend together will get lesser & lesser as he progresses in the academic world…i felt lost, he’s been with me mon-fri for the past 3.3years, (or should i add in the 38weeks he was in my womb, 24/7) and now he’s gonna be apart from me 8-1 mon-fri…the years of unhurried time, free play, stress free life are gonna be over.

after we decided on the school and decided when to start him, i started to freak out a lil, lamenting & regretting on all the things that i’ve been wanting to do with him but didn’t and started noting down all the things i’d like to do with him before he starts school. and then as the list grew, i realised that i wanna treasure the unhurried time with him, so threw the list off and decided to say “ok” and “yes” more: yes to reading storybooks, yes to playing balls, yes to fixing jigsaws, yes to him sitting or lying on my lap, yes to carrying ‘baby mouse’ or ‘baby puppy’ (as he transformed at different times), yes to rocking my lil’ pup back & forth & singing “love you forever”. i cuddled more, relaxed more, stroked him more, laughed more, danced more.

i took my time. unhurried time.