“look at the fluffy white clouds, and the navy blue sky, it’s a beautiful day! asher’s having his 1st day of school!!” (sing to the tune of “we’re going on a bear hunt”). this was what i was singing while the kid’s eating his brekkie

the kid was smirking, grinning, very excitable throughout the whole morning while we were getting ready to head out, and he very promptly got himself ready, brushing his teeth, wiping his face, peed, changed into his uniforms, got his bag & socks ready…

even on the very crowded bus, our spirits were high & chirpy…

there was more spring in his steps…

all was well at the initial 10-15mins of school…

…when the kid started looking uncomfortable & realised all these were too new & scary, and hence began the crying, we had to say bye & leave him still crying, saying he wanted to go home…we sneaked in to watch him just before it was time to pick him up & here he was taking a huge mouthful at lunch, and in between sobs, said, “you (referring to himself) ate already, you want to go home now (escalated to a bawl)!!”

well, the kid said he likes school when we went back to fetch him…poor kid, he’s torn, he likes the new stage of schooling but he absolutely hates the separation.

after all, the kid has been bugging us to send him to school since months ago…i know he’s going to enjoy it tonnes in awhile’s time 😀