what have i been up to lately? besides of course, trying to settle the kid in school, which he happily declares that he likes and enjoys, where he can’t wait for me to leave by telling me to just drop him off & go…
well, first up:

i’m a dog walker now. yes, i am a dog walker. meet my new friend, a schnauzer, his name is whiskey
i started walking him about 3 weeks ago, twice a week for a start since i’m totally new to this, 20mins each time. i’ve walked the dog together with the kid once and the kid totally enjoyed the experience. so excited was he that whiskey stopped in his tracks several times to glance at him, must’ve been wondering why this kid is even more excitable & jumpy than a schnauzer who’s supposed to be relatively active
i’ve read encounters or stories about how dogs have inspired people, how you can learn great wisdom from dogs, etc…and i’ve just borrowed a book on “diary of a dog-walker”, reading how those walks can prove so therapeutic & meaningful. i was looking forward to this new adventure, i mean i like dogs, never really thought about owning one, never was really very interested about them, but this sounds new & fun and i was hoping to experience some if not all of the above. None…maybe my expectations are too high? its only been 4 times…maybe it takes time, as i establish rapport & bond with the dog? but having said that, those 20 mins of dog-walking did allow me to slow down just abit as whiskey takes his time to sniff out each corner or space he finds delight in; reminded me of contentment as he’s always delighted to be let out for that short time. so for now, that’s good enough for me 😀

i’ve been going for chiropractic treatment for quite a number of sessions now, getting treatment for my scoliosis, which recurred unknown to me (corrected when i was young)scoliosis
i went to consult primarily for my PLMD, but knowing chances, i went with the mentality that if the treatment could help relieve at least my perpetual headaches, my aches & pains, i’d be more than happy…so good news is, i’m more than happy at the moment, after these sessions, i was told my scoliosis is no more, my aches & pains are reduced. right now, i’m working very hard on my posture, pulling my shoulders back, keeping my spine straight, not crossing my legs, not slouching, doing push-ups, stretching exercises, and no kickboxing for me at the moment 😦

finally, i’ve joined a homemakers’ group (by campus crusade homemakers’ ministry). something that had been on my list for eons and finally fulfilled. i look forward to every wednesday morning ever since, to soak in God’s Word, to be reminded of His love & promises for a unique me, to enjoy the company of like-minded, fun & loving women, to build new relationships, to be open in sharing my heart and to have these strong, passionate women walk with me in the challenging path of sahm, knowing that their prayers will lift me up & surround me in times of difficulties and their magnanimous spirits will share in every joy
homemakers group