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lil’ J had a sleepover with us, it was a first, 1st of the kid’s friends to have that privilege, hah…it was very fun for the boys, of course, but tiring for us…oh but yes, it was all round, pretty fun.

the boys were so excited, they were periodically having sheer laughs & shrieks of delight; they were so thrilled that despite a no-nap day, they were still giggling & playing after i put them to bed at about 8pm (they both usually k.o at 7-ish if no nap). they did though, after i went in to calm them down 3-4 times & confiscated a bolster which were being thrown around.

at 6-ish, i started hearing murmurs & whispers from the room and as the day got brighter, i heard the kid excitedly announced, trying hard to whisper still, “its gonna be daytime soon!” as soon as the day breaks, the boys broke free from the room, starting roaming around, playing, lil’ J was having a praise & worship session walkabout with the electric guitar, singing “with christ in the vessel” and other praise songs.

me & the husb finally got our butt off the cozy bed in sleepiness & joined in the fun…
after the kid changed out his own diaper, he wanted to help his friend, and so he did, i had the most fun, watching them in this process while the kid struggled at some point to pull up the pants & lil’ J looking expressionless mostly

the boys brushing their teeth together in fun (check out the different ways they sit)
sleepover 2

the boys having banana-blueberries spelt pancakes for brekkie, giggling still & chatting in fun…
sleepover 3

well, needless to say, we spent most of that day stoning & zonking out…but we will definitely do it again 😀