the husb & i only do date nights ever since the kid was born. as the kid sleeps early, it makes sense we start the date after he goes to bed & we’ll hang out till wee hours in the morning. however, choices of stuffs to do are pretty limited, its either movie or take long walks or hang out at 24hr cafes.

i pre-arranged for Reb to pick up the kid from school, and booked a pedicure session for us, without the husb’s knowledge. (but later on, i found out that the kid leaked the info! he told the papa excitedly that aunty becky’s gonna pick him up from school & also the husb spotted the extra clothes i’ve packed in the kid’s schoolbag, dang!)
anyhow, the husb’s didn’t spoil the surprise by asking me. and so we had our 1st date in broad daylight!

we sent the kid to school and went for brekkie. its our 1st pedicure together, its the husb’s 1st ever pedicure and for the 1st time he’s got his toenails painted, altho its just the basecoat, but still!!!honestly, i felt weird to see his nails being painted, but i’m glad he went with basecoat instead of going for either pink or black, phew.

i did both manicure & pedicure. wanted to be adventurous & try a totally new color instead of my usuals and i love it! its refreshing, edgy & very cool! šŸ™‚

we spent the rest of the day hand-in-hand, snacking on benches, watching kids play at the water feature, joking & laughing, making upĀ conversations from the kids’ mouths, window shopping, buying stuffs before joining Reb’s family for dinner & getting the kid back.

it seems like very ordinary things we did, nothing huge planned…but that time together was rare, we haven’t done that as long as the kid was born.
it felt great not having to rush for time, it felt special to be able to focus our entire attention on just each other.Ā just each other’s hand to hold, just each other’s gaze to behold, just each other’s voice to hear.

it felt like courtship , except that now, instead of having the uncertainties of all that the other is feeling or thinking, there’s an absolute confidence that we are comfortable with each other & that it was going to be an amazing time together. šŸ˜€