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A biento! Merci beaucoup! Bonjour! Bonsoir! Très bien!

yes, these are common phrases we used at home recently…
for 5 weeks, i’ve been at french toast, learning some french. i stepped out of my comfort zone & decided to be courageous hah…to learn another language has always been intriguing & exciting, yet i’m fearful, i lack the confidence. i never really think i’m strong with languages, i mean to master my 2 main languages (eng & mandarin),it takes quite abit of effort (and i’m still improving!), to take on another new language will be quite a feat! i tried, i took on malay back in Uni but it lasted for a semester only, sighs, i did pass that paper tho, miraclously.

i love french films, the husb & i have enjoyed many together. Amelie, Taxi, Babies, Coco Before Chanel are some of the favorites. french movies
which might be what inspired me to learn, plus a friend urged to go together, the course was on a deal, so it was a heck!-why-not-jus-do-it moment, we need these moments from time to time, you know to keep life interesting & spontaneous…and it turned out to be alot of fun! still think i’m not a language person, but i learnt at least a few new phrases in a foreign language and the tot’s exposed to another new language too! tout va bien! 😀