we had our 1st family trip to the zoo (we’ve been to the night safari once) during the school hols and so the kid could see the animals very clearly in bright daylight. Also with more awareness now that he’s older, he was able to appreciate & enjoy the animals better. he was all excited, especially to see the chimpanzees & orang utans in real (they’re popular animals in storybooks, it seems)

3 common ‘themes’ during this trip were: smell, poop & alligator. for some reason, he kept asking to see the alligator right from the start, randomly through the tour & at the end of our excursion. he did see an alligator sculpture at the end of it & happily stuffed his entire head into the wide opened mouth of the alligator. the 1st very smelly animal we came to was the rhinocerous, after awhile he was bothered by the smell & kept chanting he doesn’t like the smell but at the same time, also chanting he wants to see the poop. from then on, he’s developed a sensitive nose & a keen interest in poop.

“what do you (referring to himself) smell?”
“you don’t like the smell”
“where’s the poop?”
“what do you smell? that’s not nice, i don’t like the smell”
“where’s the poop, i want to see the poop”
“does the elephant has a bum? where does the poop comes out from?”
“what do you smell? you don’t like the smell, but i want to see the poop, where’s the poop?”

there’s the poopy commentator for you…

the elephant became the kid’s favorite animal
we had the elephant ride. for the 1st time, i saw an elephant pee-ed. its like someone poured a very large bucket of water from the 3rd storey, it was quite a sight.

i think this would be the 1st & the last time i’m riding on an elephant, at least in the singapore zoo. don’t get me wrong, we did enjoy the ride, esp. the kid. and it was amazing to be so up close & personal with these calm & gentle large creatures but their blinking, tired eyes seemed to communicate sadness, of the fact that they exist seemingly just to please people.

manatees were very cute, so were the baby penguins, these are the only sea creatures we came across

the kid had fun behind the steering wheel of this ‘abandoned’ open truck/wagon where the kangaroos are

it was tiring at the end of the excursion but it was very fun. we had a leisure boat ride, enjoying the calm ride & cool breeze just before we called it a day…the kid’s 1st boat ride