i had a not-so-good morning on fri, with a whinning kid who screamed & lamented he’s too tired he didn’t wanna go to school, and whinned about almost any & everything, with missing a too-packed bus, with squeezing on a 2nd very-crowded bus

i took a long walk to relax after dropping the kid off at school before boarding the bus home…and i made muah chee (finally!been wanting to & bought ingredients a mth + ago); it was ultra easy to make, tricky to handle the sticky, snaky goo tho’
muah chee

but i had fun cutting the goo up & rolling around in mixture of peanut powder, sugar & sesame seeds
muah chee 2
muah chee 3

you can watch the video here…i skipped the shallot cos i thot that weird, i tried cane sugar after i ran out of white sugar & i liked it better!

that perked me up a lil & the kid enjoyed his after-school snack (his 1st muah chee actually!) 😀
muah chee 4