sometime back, shortly after i finished my basic intro to french, i was in the mood for french pastries, of course…so i made these green tea dacquoise (pronounced as da kwoz), once again from my fav dessert book “okashi sweet treats made with love”…

it was so easy to gather the ingredients, no flour involved but sifting the almond twice almost killed me! but i was glad that i had fun assembling them!

the lil’ chef ever excited to help, he could hardly wait to pipe out the batter…
green tea dacquoise

i had a piping bag but i was lazy to assemble it & even more lazy to wash it after use, so i used the good ole ziploc, pipe & throw, aha! the kid had much fun piping out the batter & he was pretty good at it!
green tea dacquoise 2

i really enjoy sandwiching the cream in between & they were a hit with my homemakers’ group & they were sooo yummily delectable
green tea dacquoise 3