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what have i been up to lately?? for the past 3 weeks or so, i’ve been under the scissors & needles ALOT. especially the last 2 weeks, i either scoot off only to the loo or for meals, all the other times i’ve been working hard…to get the kid ready to blast off to infinity and beyond!!
spacesuit 3

now is this astronaut cool or is this astronaut cool?!?
spacesuit 2

okok, the truth is the kid’s school had this theme for the month of june & july on “occupation”, project is for parents to create a set of uniforms for a particular choice of occupation. this uniform will also be worn at the school’s year end concert as a fashion show…we thought of a fireman initially because we already had a fireman’s helmet, the kid’s got a black jacket & boots & he’s been “playing” fireman at home since we last visited the fire station and the rest of the stuffs are not tat difficult to make. but on 2nd thought, the husb decided that fireman sounds kinda boring, and he thought an astronaut will be quite cool…but really, what the kid wants to be is a bus driver. anyhow, we decided on the astronaut because in all aspects, it will be very, very cool. but yes oh yes but of course, who shall execute the making but yours truly?! what other occupation uniform can be as elaborate & as massive as an astronaut’s?!?

hence, began the madness of stress-fun-frustration-excitement: of researching, of studying the suit closely & the entire ensemble, of goggle-ing, of brainstorming of the materials we can use, looking around the house for recycled stuffs to use, collecting possible materials from daily stuffs, shopping, assembling, trying out, shopping again, measuring, cutting, tacking, sewing, pasting, painting, getting fingers poked, hair-pulling, head-scratching, eyes-popping, and finally putting everything together. what a process!! i wanted to give up so many times during the process but no oh no, i’m not a quitter! and i’m so glad i stuck it through, the sense of fulfillment & accomplishment at the end was immense & the smile on the kid’s excited face paid all the reward 😀 and i have to say so myself, that i am extremely proud of myself for being able to pull this off.

alright, here’s a close view of the other equipment…why don’t you try to make guesses on what i used for the different pieces & how i made it (inluding the spacesuit itself)? and i shall reveal the details in my next post, happy guessing!
spacesuit 4