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the conversation that made me cry:

the kid: when i grow old, can you buy me a walking stick because my legs will be weak?
me: (smiled) baby, when you are that old, i won’t be around anymore to get a walking stick for you.
the kid: but my legs are weak, i can’t go get the walking stick myself.
me: then you probably have to get someone to get the stick for you.(starting to feel some rumblings in my heart)
the kid: why won’t you be around anymore?
me: when you get very old, i get much more older, i would probably have died by then.
the kid: then you will fly right? then i will get older too, i die and fly with you right?
me: (laughed) i probably fly to jesus much earlier than you, so we probably won’t die together. (more stirrings in the heart)
the kid: (looked a little concerned & gave me a blank stare)
(Long pause)
me: but don’t worry baby, when i die, i will fly to jesus first. then when you die, you will fly to jesus too and join me. then we will meet again, and we can fly together!
the kid: (chuckled, clapped & looked extremely satisfied)

i chewed on the conversation & started choking with tears streaming down my cheeks…and i hugged the kid tightly as i remembered this song that i love, “come to jesus