aloha peeps! it’s been awhile, eh?

well, things have been a lil’ crazy over the last month or so…errands to run, people to visit, things to type & share, homework to do for my homemakers’ group, things to attend to, conferences to go to.

I had also taken on more workshops, workshops that I have been facilitating on a very adhoc basis. I’ve done a couple of relationship workshops called Sticky Notes and Push Pins (SNaPP) with high school students. I’ve just finished a round of parenting workshop called Parenting With Confidence (PwC) which was over 4 Saturdays. My free time had been devoted to the preparation of these workshops, handling the logistics, doing up mementoes & writing notes for the participants(PwC).

besides that, i tried to still enjoy finding little joys to keep myself perky: popping popcorn! i’ve been practising my popcorn popping skills. i used to think, “how hard can popping popcorn be?” O how wrong was i! it’s a skill to not get the popcorns burnt, to have not too many unpopped kernels & definitely not easy to have crunchy, sweet, yummy popcorn… after burning a whole batch of popcorn & blackened my pot for the 1st time & having 1/2 of the batch unpopped for the 2nd time, i decided to learn from a master who had himself, wasted many batches of kernels but emerged to have almost every bowl of perfect popcorn . M was very anal in the measurements: 1/4 cup kernels to 1 tablespoonful of grapeseed or canola oil. upon discovering that i don’t usually stick to the precise measurements, he measured out 3 batches of 1/4 cup kernels & packed them in individual small ziploc & instructed me to do these 3 batches within the next one week or so, with ONE tablespoonful of oil. hai, sensei!!

and so began my addiction to popcorn, for a couple of weeks, i made either everyday or every other day…i tried with different oils (grapeseed oil’s the best, also mentioned by my sensei), tried with different type of sugar, demerara sugar is by far the best because its brown, its coarse, it doesn’t caramelised so fast, hence doesn’t get burned too fast & it made the popcorn very crunchy & fragrant! i did follow my sensei’s instructions for the initial few batches, 1/4 cup kernels to 1 tablespooful of oil but after that, i’m back to my usual…i placed the kernels in the middle of the pan (so that none is stacked on top of the other), then i pour oil over the kernels, enough to coat every kernel, then i add in the demerara sugar so that every kernel’s coated too. then i turn up the stove & when i start hearing popping sounds, i turn the heat down to low/medium…all the time, i don’t burn ANY, most of the times, i get only 2-3 unpopped ones and 1/2 the time i get about 3/4 crunchy with sugary taste but the non-coated ones taste just as good. what can beat freshly popped popcorns, sugar or without?