this ONE particular bus stop – the bus stop opposite the kid’s school – somehow draws in some interesting encounters for me…

once, after i dropped the kid off at school, just stepped my foot up the bus stop after crossing the road, this (35-45 y/o) guy in shabby clothings suddenly appeared from who-knows-where, came running towards me anxiously & came really close up to me (i thought i was gonna be stabbed!). in between pants & puffs, he said loudly in ONE single breath, “canyougiveme$2yougot$2anoti need $2!” this guy caught me totally unexpected & unguarded. in shock, i digged in my pockets while asking if he needed the money to take the bus, he said no, he needed the money to buy breakfast for himself. i paused & said i’m not giving him but he proceeded to say very loudly, again in ONE single breath “ineedtobuyfood!ihavenomoney!ican’tfindajob!ijustneed$2ineedtoeat!” sighs, i gave my $2, to give him the benefit of doubt, and i told myself its just $2, what harm can that be? but the husb said its not the amount of money, its the principle of it, we do not feed off able-bodied people. i saw this same guy frantically going around asking several people at the same bus stop for money and when he approached me, i waved him off before he could even finish his sentence.

on another occasion, this lady seemed to lost her way & asked me for directions, i pointed out the way for her & seeing that the sky’s turning gloomy, i offered her my brolly, she didn’t want to take & scooted off…something strange about her demeanor & manner of speech, not sure how to describe.

on another occasion, i just collected the kid from school & waiting for our bus at THAT bus stop…this indian/bangladesh? worker rode towards us on his bicycle, staring at me, kept his stare at me while riding past us, stopped, got off his bicycle & was reversing to where we were seated & said, “girl (GIRL?!?), where are you from?” i promptly waved him off & repeatedly said, “nonono” in an irritated voice. he was stunned, quickly apologised & scooted off.

i think there had been 1 or 2 more other incidences which i think my memory chose to block off maybe, hah…

the latest encounter which happened last week – waiting for our bus towards home with the kid, i suddenly realised this indian man in SAF uniform (probably a regular??) standing next to me. (seriously where did these people spring up from??!) i was taken aback & instinctively blurted a hi, he hi-ed back & smiled. he remained there (as in standing, facing me), seemed to be scribbling on a piece of paper. i didn’t think much of him standing there as i was busy chatting with the kid. a moment later, he came up to me & said, “hi my name’s S, i was just standing there waiting for a friend & i saw you, and i thought i want to get to know you better, here’s my number, give me a call when you can.” stunned, i took the slip of paper with his contact no. on & he scooted off. after i recovered from the bizzare encounter, i threw that slip of paper away. hello dude, i’m with a kid, goodness me, get a life & get a single woman man. initially i thought maybe i’m reading into this too much, what if he genuinely, sincerely just want to know me better as just a friend? but oh, who are we kidding here?!

oh dear, have i lost all innocence? am i THAT jaded??