about 2 weeks ago, i co-facilitated with K at a workshop for the 1st time and it was the 1st time i heard the love story between him & CY and i was touched, deeply touched.
and a month ago, i spoke briefly to CY, for the first time and the last time.

today CY is home with Jesus. for some reason, my heart aches badly and my heart goes out to them. even though i hardly know them. kindred spirit perhaps? or perhaps its because they are about the same age as me and CY has a daughter who’s the same age as the kid. or perhaps it reminds me of the extreme brevity of life; the unpredictability of events. or perhaps i’ve tried to imagine passing on, leaving behind the husb & the kid and the picture i visualised was excruciatingly painful.

i do not pray for Jesus to take away K’s and their daughter’s pain because they will have the pain but i pray hard that they will be able to enter into His sanctuary despite and know that He understands their pain more than they feel it and He is grieving with them more than their hearts are grieving.

in the midst of it, they’ll be able to say, “it is well with my soul”