the kid started having periodic stomach spasms on fri nite after he pooped in his sleep once…thereafter started the whole process of spasms, diarrhoea throughout the entire nite. we changed & cleaned him up 3 times, changed his bedsheets twice, and he went to the toilet by himself once…towards daybreak, we were all so exhausted, he slept for about 3hrs in his poopy diapers till the morning.

poor kid squirmed, kicked & cried painfully whenever spasms hit him…but despite of that, he’s showed great resilience & still maintained a good cheer. whenever spasms stopped, he’s off to play, smiling happily. and he’s been extremely co-operative! except expressing that he doesn’t like the stomach pains, he’s been very brave enduring the pain, not whinny & not clingy & we managed to have lotsa fun amidst the cold, wet weather!

O how i love kids!