after the diarrhoea episode (plus all the overwhelmed emotions gushing) last week, i could finally breathe better, relax better & smile more. it helps with the husband hanging around the last few days.

he took leave on fri. when we announced that we were both gonna send the kid to school, his eyes doubled in size & twinkled in utter disbelief, then beamed from ear to ear. after which he asked if both of us were gonna pick him up from school too, i said yes, the kid burst into delightful laughter. and later in the lift heading down, he couldn’t stop smirking & saying “i’m happy, i’m so happy!” (to which the husb replied, “yes you are happy, your name means happy!”). after dropping off the kid, we went to the reservoir to take a nice stroll on the boardwalk under cool weather, hand in hand and had a lovely brunch before picking the kid up. that was one thing we used to enjoy doing – nature walks, spotting interesting sights, insects, plants, flowers & sharing our hearts – but haven’t quite been able to do much since the kid came along. so it was really special. we brought the kid to spend the afternoon with becky & nat while we continued part 2 of our date – catching a movie in broad daylight! i was bushed by the end of the day but i was very, very happy. extremely satisfied.

saturday i went to a parenting course training with W who brought lil’ D who’s the calmest, easiest, happiest baby i’ve known. 845am all the way past 4pm, she only cried like a total of maybe 3 times, each lasting no more than a min & those times were either because she knocked her head, or fell sideways while sitting on the floor. time to eat, she ate. time to drink, she drank. time to sleep, she slept. time to play, she played happily by herself mostly on the floor. she engaged us, smiled at people & just stayed very happy throughout.

sunday, we went to another reservoir, the husb, the kid & me. great weather, fun nature walk. shopped at ikea, got some ideas of re-organization & reforming. had a good lunch, good juice & headed home for a good rest before the rain poured. played card games & cars at home, bliss.

monday, the kid’s no school. the husb’s on leave. went to the zoo with becky & family. great time with family & the animals. cool non-rainy weather & headed home before the storm came.

tuesday, public holiday. arose for early brekkie, started decluttering, made pretty good progress. enjoyed a simple meal i cooked up in 15mins. role-playing using minimal props, transforming bed to a car, frisbee to steering wheel, bolster to hotdog, hands as wipers, toilets as lifts, imaginery sparklers & lighters. lotsa laughter. we had such a whale of time.

ahh…hoping for more to come when the husb goes on his full school holidays in 2 weeks’ time!