i haven’t been cooking much, baking much, making anything in the kitchen much except popping popcorn…

so that day, i decided to make something really simple, quick & delicious-sounding – baked apples – but of course as usual, i went a little further than simple, one friend shared she jus spread butter & sprinkle cinnamon sugar & put it to bake for about 1/2hr.

what i did in the end:

i cored 5 apples (most recipes say peel off some skin at the top)
baked apples 2

chopped up some green & black raisins, bashed up cashew nuts & almond nuts (i put them in a plastic bag & pounded them with the bottom of a water bottle) & mix them together with cinnamon sugar
baked apples

then stuffed the mixture in the middle of the apples (i mean really stuffed!), put a small knob of butter on top, placed them in a baking dish, poured hot water to jus cover the bottom of the dish & baked uncovered for about an hour or till the softness that you like
baked apples 3

baste with the juices occasionally & enjoy!
baked apples 4

i think i added too much butter, it should be a dot instead of a knob but since its unsalted, that’s still fine. and also, i think i went overboard with the cinnamon sugar. the ironic thing is i’m not big on cinnamon. its a lil’ too sweet for my non-sweet tooth but taste wise & texture wise, it was a great dessert, i ate up 2!! and its so festive looking. i might make this dish for the family christmas gathering.